Mabro S.r.l. since 2002 has been a member of the

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Machine tools equipment

MABRO S.r.l. offers a wide range of equipment for machine tools. Vices,spindles, adapters, pliers, magnetic tables and lifters, tailstocks, systems for thermal shrinking of tools, micro-point markers, presetting, rotary tables

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Bronzes from mechanical working

MABRO srl sells bronzes from mechanical processing such as bronze B10, B14, bronze-aluminum of any shape and size. We also realize bronze castings on your models and supply electrolytic copper for EDM and brass.

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Marking technology

The incisions are made by the deformation of the material by the marker roller. After the roller is pressed against the piece, it rotates until the text to be marked is completed

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Coatings for tools

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Accident prevention equipment

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Industrial furniture

Our services

The goal is to save time and production costs, thus making your business more competitive. In addition, new technologies applied to mechanics continually offer us new products and new machinery, especially in the field of precision tools and numerical control.

In addition to marketing a wide range of products, our company provides its customers with a continuous pre-post sales service. According to our conception, every production, whether small or large, must be programmed with a criterion of maximum productivity. This technical economic result is achieved with the right combination of machine tool, workpiece and tool.

If on the one hand there are more and more possible solutions, on the other, a person who has to "spend" or "invest" in a tool from a few Euros or in the more expensive CNC machine, will face problems of choice of no small importance. Our twenty years of experience in the sector is at our provision to simplify the choice of the most suitable product for your production needs.

MABRO born from the passion for mechanics and our strength is the continuous satisfaction of our customers, with who we have established contacts based on seriousness, respect and mutual esteem.